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Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, Always ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence”

-1 Peter 3:15


Everyday Evangelism

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I will always take an opportunity to preach the Word of God. It may be preaching downtown to homeless or at a local church. Either way, I preach THE TRUE GOSPEL. The eternal Jesus Christ, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin and took on Human flesh. He lived on among us for 33 years without sinning. He died a criminals death in our place by taking on the sins of the world and making the payment which you and I owe and can’t ever afford (eternal death), after 3 days of being buried in a sealed tomb, He resurrected by the power of God and ascended to the Father and is now seated at His right hand. We must believe in the work of the cross and REPENT (turn away) of our sins, BE BAPTIZED (in water and the Holy Spirt), and continue to live by faith, being holy as He is holy. Not playing the hypocrite and living our old life but putting on the Lord Jesus as our Master and trusting and obeying Him.


Believers are looking for the return of Jesus as our blessed hope for eternity. While some disagree on the timing of His return, the simple fact is, HE IS COMING BACK SOON!!! Are you ready?

We join together in prayer with anyone that is in need. 


If you need prayer for ANY reason, please e-mail or text one of us. (NOTE: GENDER SPECIFIC PRAYERS… if you have a gender specific prayer that is sensitive in nature, please define “MALE” or “FEMALE”in the Subject line or simply text one of us directly.

Along the same lines as praying with people, we are so blessed to join God in His ministry to share the Gospel with people in everyday life. These meetings can take place at the grocery store, Walmart, the city park or anywhere God divinely ordains a meeting. 

When we stay in an area for any significant amount of time. we make an attempt to engage the local community and churches. We are only a very small part of the entire Body of Christ.  Our engagement involves outreach to unbelievers, working with local churches in their needs, helping with active ministries, outreach to homeless, and any other way we can get involved. 

Campground Evangelism

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When weekly services are not provided at the campground, we often gather together for biblical worship and deliver the TRUE Gospel message to those who attend.

Statistics show only 30% of people claiming to be Christians read the Bible on a regular basis. Sadly, even fewer actually study it. By way of a weekly study, our mission is to bring truth to people through the Word of God!

We are always looking for an opportunity to gathering in the name of Jesus in order to love Him and share His love with one another. This is often unscheduled and can take place around the fire pit, at the pool or even in the laundry room.

One of our primary goals is to build up believers to boldly proclaim the Gospel in the world. This typically happens one-on-one or in smaller groups. We have noticed a large increase in false doctrines and teachings infiltrating mainstream “churches”. We train disciples of Jesus in sound doctrines provided by scripture alone and not the ways of men. Many people and false teachers have manipulated the Word of God to fit their ideas and agendas. Our hope is to let the text of God’s inspired Word speak. It stands alone as truth. We need no other doctrine to add to it.


The French's

We are a domestic missionary family that is on a mission to serve our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST in campgrounds across the United States.  We got the call to travel in July of 2019 and started on the road Feb of 2020. We had no idea what God was going to do. 


The Church is in a serious crisis! a recent article from the NY Post reported that church attendance has hit an historic low. Church attendance remained at a consistent 70% from the late 1930’s until the turn of the 21st century when attendance began to dramatically decline. Current statistics show that only 36% of the millennial generation claim to be religious in any aspect and only 47% of the population attend church.


A report from the Barna Group done at the very early stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic show that 1 in 3 (32%) of “practicing Christians” completely stopped attending any type of Church service, online or in-person. Only 53% of “practicing Christians” only watched online services and admit they only watched about once or twice a month.This comes as no surprise as Jesus’ prophecies warn us of a time when many will fall away (Mt 24:10).


Along with the decline in Church attendance, RV sales have exploded and campgrounds are at max capacity. In January of 2021 FOX Business issued a report titled “RV Sales Soar During Coronavirus Pandemic” with a subtitle claiming that “Much of the growth within the RV sector has come from the younger families and millennials.” Our heart aches for this lost generation and God has placed us in a position to share His Gospel. Giving us a desire to travel in a 5th Wheel full-time, God has placed us among the exact group of people that are statistically unchurched and rejecting God. As stated before, Millennials are leaving the church and filling the campgrounds. Our mission is to fill their hearts with the Holy Spirit! We want people to have a true saving relationship with Jesus Christ


Along with people falling away from the Church, Many false doctrines and teaching are starting to infiltrate the pulpits and pews. Paul warned in 2 Tim 4:3, “For the time will come when they will not tolerate sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance with their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.”,


God has given us a strong conviction to call out the false teachings in the church today and correct error by teaching sound doctrine according to the Bible alone. (2 Tim 4:2) As Christians, we are instructed to contend for the faith and expose darkness. (Eph 5:11) (1 Tim 1:10)


Please join us in prayer and support because we can’t do this alone!


God bless you,

– Eric & Amanda French


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